Jun 29, 2022

I know getting your photography website design completed and perfected can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ll walk you through some great design inspiration, and why it works.

Yes, you do want your photography website design to be beautiful, and unique and memorable, but you must put the customer journey first before anything else!

You actually start this process with your brand strategy – if that’s not something you have in place yet, not to worry. I’ve got an awesome free workbook that will help you get that in place easily. You can download this here.

Basically what I’m saying is, you can continue to pin inspiration to your ‘website design’ board in Pinterest, but make sure you’re also thinking about what your ideal client needs to see and hear on your website to want to book in with you.

Obviously use your best images on your website, and those that are in the style of the kind of work you want more of.

Make sure you tell visitors straight away what you do, and why they should care

And use your images to tell a story that lets future clients see themselves in your work, and gets them excited about working with you.

If you’re not sure exactly how to format your website pages, and what you should be writing this copywriting guide will make that incredibly easy for you. There’s a cheeky little 20% off discount code on that link for you as a thank you for hanging out with me on my blog! You can visit the shop here.

1. Dreamy and Modern Web Design

Modern and feminine photography web design layout

Why does this work? The first image you see is striking and matches the branding and the style of the website.

The navigation on the left is simple for the user to click to any page they might be looking for, with the most important option – booking with you – being a different colour so it stands out and it’s an easy yes from the first moment they’ve landed on your website.

The heading brings words together beautifully and introduces the values of the photographer, while also being thought-provoking and appealing to the user. With the use of different fonts, it really stands out so the user’s eyes are drawn to read it, and will encourage them to read on to find out more.

It then very quickly goes on to say exactly what the photographer does, and who they like to work with, so the potential client knows they’re in the right place, and again, can quickly navigate to the page they need.

2. Bold and Edgy Website Design

Bold and edgy photography web design layout

There’s a similar theme repeated on all of these websites, so I won’t go over it all again. I want to keep you entertained haha. That’s about the navigation being clear and easy from the start, with the call to action being bold right from the beginning, as well as fonts and headers being used in a way to capture attention and intrigue.

It’s the branding that’s directly talking to the user here, so you know if you’re looking for something different and extraordinary you’re in the right place – and it’s going to repel those people who aren’t the perfect match for them.

3. Modern Romantic Web Design

Classic with a modern twist photography website design

You know, sometimes fashion isn’t practical! But we still love it, and choose it daily over practicality. So that’s why I’m going to give an exception to a usual rule that shouldn’t be broken. Which is, that the text isn’t easy to read over the first image, but it’s in line with current trends, and the wording is also repeated and still creates the impact we’re looking for.

So let’s just allow that because it’s so beautiful, and creates the customer journey we’re aiming for.

4. Nature and Ocean-Inspired Web Design

Clean and beachy website design

The style of this design works great as it instantly shows the beautiful scenery of an elopement wedding, and puts the user directly into the story with the use of images. So they will instantly know they’re in the right place for their elopement wedding and can then buy into the photographer.

So I hope this has given you some amazing inspiration for your photography website design.

The images displayed in this post are all semi-custom Showit web templates, so if I’ve more than inspired you, and you want one of these designs for your own website, I’ll create your custom style for the same price as a website template.

Or if it’s a completely custom website design or branding you need, you can learn more about the Web Design Experience I offer here.

Photography Website Design Inspiration

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