Let's celebrate your

Let's cele-brate your






so uniquely you

Branding & Web Design 

You'll attract dream clients who admire your artwork, and value you for you.

Create meaningful connections through your messaging and web design.

Be so in-demand you can confidently raise your prices.

You'll attract dream clients who admire your artwork, and value you for you.
Create meaningful connections through your messaging and web design.
And become so in-demand you can confidently raise your prices.

I'm Char-


The little weirdo running Drowned In Beauty and celebrating unique web design.

I LOVE that there is beauty in everything, and everyones perception of this is different.

Once I'd truly embraced my unique qualities in my design style, I felt as though I was surrounded by beauty.

I was able to show up in my business with new found levels of excitement and confidence, which is when I recognized there'd been a kind of 'death' to my old self, but in the most positive and beautiful way. 

That is how Drowned In Beauty came to be, and it's everything I want for you and your business as well.

Charlotte blew me away with her design. People are saying it's the most beautiful website they've ever seen, and I'm totally biased but I completely agree. 

I didn't expect the confidence from Charlotte's website to affect the rest of my business as much as it has. She's reignited my own passion for business.

So if you're considering hiring her, absolutely do it. She's so nice, and has a real intuition for making a brand everything you've always wanted but didn't know how to create yourself.

Malone Breland
Malone Vivian Photography

(I'm not crying. You're crying.)

I love the love

Drown in your version of beauty that makes you desperate to show off to the world exactly WHO YOU ARE.

Not just web design, we work collaboratively  together to get to the HEART of your brand.

Show up with CONFIDENCE and EXCITEMENT in your business helping you attract more clients.

Celebrate your UNIQUENESS that's crafted all the way through your branding  and web design.

Let's Get Weird

connections & art   // beautiful designs

Design Intensive

Web Design

Brand Strategy

You know when you're ready for your website to be up and running, but, like now?

A design intensive is perfect for this. Book in a day or a week which will be solely dedicated to you and your design project.

And at the end of our time together you'll have a brand new high-converting website or branding suite.

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It's actually more of a Web Design Experience.

We delve deep into what your clients really need from you, making the client journey through your website one that allows them to connect with you on a deeper level and drives them to the fall in love with your work, and become a paying client.

Think modern, and chic style with a twist.

Plus, your uniqueness will be represented throughout your website.



web design




Crafting a Brand Personality your people will adore.

Your brand is the heart of your business.

It's the values you live by. How people see you. How you communicate. And it's the reason why people want to work with you.

We discover your unique positioning through brand strategy, turn this into visuals, and together are the foundations of how you can connect on a deep level with your ideal clients.

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Shall we 

Drown in Beauty?

Ready to be the in-demand photographer you know you deserve to be, and stand the f*ck out in your uniqueness effortlessly bringing in dream clients.

What's in the


The Showit Templates are currently available for pre-order, or you can book a Design Intensive Day and get a template of your choice for free before they're released built and customized for you in a day for only £1300

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Want to attract more photography leads to your business?

Download this editable Wedding Venue Guide to help you become the stand out photographer in your area.

 - 12 pages complete with content guides
 - Comes with a full marketing hub in Notion
 - Guides on how to attract more clients
 - How to use the content to rank higher on Google
 - How to use the guild to build vendor relationships
 - Quick tips on raising pricing AND getting referrals
 - Easily editable in Canva to make it on brand