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If you're anything like me, once you get an idea in your head you become crazy impatient, and just want it done now!

Or something you've been meaning to get around to keeps getting put off.

This is when a Design Intensive is PERFECT! 

We can smash out your project within a day or a week!


You don't need the extra overwhelm of creating your own website. Instead, you can book in a full day or a week intensive dedicated solely to you. Sounds pretty nice ay?

And at the end of our time together, you'll walk away with a beautiful captivating website, designed to help you connect with your dream clients allowing you to book more and more of them with ease.

Or have those tedious tasks ticked off your to do list.




What Can We Get

Get Done?

A whole of a lot my friend!

You can choose from one of the Showit templates you've just seen above and have this customized in a day for you.

Or if it's a full custom website you need, this will be completed within a week.

Or something completely different to help you push forward in your business;

Full branding suite with logos, fonts and colour pallet

Lead magnet design and set up

Social media templates

Long-form Sales Page

Website refresh or additional pages

Mate! How did you do all of this? I am so in love with my branding, and website.

The whole process has been a dream so far. I wasn't expecting this much hands on help, or to have gained so much clarity and confidence in my business and my messaging.

Plus everything just looks so beautiful!

Rebekah Powell
Rebekah Powell Design Studio

1. Complete the application form, and then we'll jump on a call to get this connection started!

We'll discuss your requirements, and go through any questions you might have to decide if we're a good match.

I'll then send you over the welcome pack to get started.

2. A few days before we'll have in-depth strategy call which should last about an hour.

I'll be able to provide you with a rough site map with design direction, plus any feedback on the copy.

Any revisions can be completed over the next few days.

3. The design process takes place. 

You'll have my full attention for the day, and as it's a collaborative experience we'll be in touch for a lot of the day.

This is to ensure you're completely happy with how everything is coming together, plus any changes needed.

4. Get the wine out and let's celebrate the launch of your brand new website!

I'll hand over the full project either that evening, or the following day.

You'll also have access to me for the following 30 days for any further support needed.



SIngle web Page Design

Website Updates

Gallery uploads

Social Media Graphics

Pinterest Templates

SEO Images & Alt descrptions 


A half-day consists of 4 hours, which is perfect for completing smaller tasks

Web template customization

Custom web page designs

long form sales page

Mini branding session

Dubsado design

Pinterest set up


A full day consists of 8 hours and can include some of the following;

Website Strategy

Copywriting Prompts

Web Development

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Branded Assests


A one week design intensive allows for custom web design just much faster, but can also include the following

I use Showit, which I can't recommend enough for it's ease of use. This can be easily linked to a Wordpress site.

What if I need help after?

I'll need all your branding information, images and web page inspiration. As well as the questionnaire, and the copywriting content forms back from you. You will also need to be available on the day, so that we can go back and forth with communication easily.

What do I need to have done for our VIP day?

what website platform do you use?

We'll talk through your requirements before you book anything so you'll have a really good idea of which type of design intensive works for you. I also provide custom packages, so if it's a number of days you need rather than a full week we can find a pricing point that works for you.

How Soon can we get started?

You will have a full 30 days of aftercare from the VIP day

I take on 4 VIP clients a month, and we will need roughly a week to get prepped

What if I need more time?

Yes of course! You'll put down a 25% deposit to secure your place, and we can look at coming up with a customised payment plan for you if you need.

Do you offer payment plans?

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