A look inside the design process

Malone came to me with a vision of movement, chaos and beauty but had no idea what that would look like for her website. She just knew this needed to be captured perfectly and was nervous that wouldn't actually be possible. 

Her biggest goals for the website were to stand out from other photographers, and to convert more clients. 

Within a day of launching her new website she booked a new client instantly, and felt confident in raising her prices. 


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I was really worried that I would shell out a lot of money and the designer wouldn’t be able to capture my vision or need. I was worried the designer wouldn’t truly be a creative and I would end up with something boxy and unoriginal. I was worried they wouldn’t be able to combine my many likings into something cohesive and felt like me. I was worried they wouldn’t be willing to step out and try something new or be able to meet where I am and where my needs are, for example I struggled to find someone who would allow me to add on a pricing guide and instagram templates.I was worried that they would think I was too controlling for wanting a dropdown menu in my about me page. Or wouldn’t be able to work with a story brand. 

The entire process for me was very, very stressful and overwhelming and felt like nobody would be able to meet my needs or standards. And then I met Charlotte.

I was really up front with her for what I was looking for and what my needs were. And she stepped the heck up. She took everything I gave her and ran with it. I felt understood, heard, and taken care of from the get go. 

When you go to her website she promises to help you stand out. And everyone says that and they oftentimes only mean it a little, but Charlotte blew me away with her design. People are saying it’s the most beautiful website they’ve ever seen, and I’m totally biased but I completely agree. For the first time I feel confident in showing people my website and leading them there. I feel like I can finally show up how I want to, I can raise prices, and I can have the business I want. I didn’t expect the confidence from Charlotte’s website to affect the rest of my business as much as it has. But she’s even reignited my own passion in my business.

So if you’re considering hiring her, absolutely do it. She’s so nice. And she has a real intuition for making a brand that is everything you’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to create for yourself. I didn’t think anybody would be able to meet my high standards or to make complete and beautiful cohesion out of my chaos, but she has. Work with Charlotte. You won’t regret it. I’ll be using her for any and all of my future projects, and you should too.

Malone Breland
Malone Vivian Photo

We also looked at improving her customer journey to make it easier for potential leads to turn into paying clients. This included a custom pricing guide, and Instagram templates.

As this package was part of the custom web template, her website is in the process of being redesigned to be purchased as a Showit template.

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