A look inside the design process

Dominik had been previously DIYing his website on Wordpress and was finding that he was coming up against a lot of errors which felt unprofessional and was seeing a high bounce rate.

His main goal was to keep visitors on his site longer, build trust, and convert more leads into paying customers. 

We used a lot of movement on his website design, and the use of 'love notes' throughout his site to make his messaging clear and feel personal.

Because your story deserves to be captured forever!

On Charlotte, I happened to stumble across a Facebook post. I had written to her when I was looking for a professional graphic designer for my first Showit page. I wanted to switch from Wordpress (elementor) to Showit and was looking for that "special design" that wasn't available off the shelf. After a few first words and lines of writing it was clear for me: Charlotte should be it.

The whole process from analyzing my website, to a moodboard about my ideas, to finally the finished design did not take 14 days. Within that time, there were many interim status reports, revisions and pre-release versions of my desired design. Charlotte implemented my ideas flawlessly and even added a few extra features that I didn't expect. Great job!

I was so impressed with Charlotte that I also had her create my sales page. Based on my text and renewed specifications, she built my sales page - of course for extra change, but at least in the same look.

I am very grateful to Charlotte and can recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional, determined and warm designer who is not afraid of challenges. I am in love with Charlotte and I would always come back to her for a new design.

Dominik Neugebauer
Eikju Photography

He had just raised his prices, so felt extremely confident after working together that his website design reflected his price range and has been able to book more of his dream clients. 

After the initial web design, Dominik came back to me to request a long-form sales page further helping bringing in more leads and converting to paying clients.

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