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Rebekah is a Pinterest Manager and Pinterest Coach, who works with creatives that like to think outside the box when it comes to their business.

She wanted her brand and website to feel rebellious, creative, and feminine. 

The reason being is that most people go to social media platforms to market their business and Pinterest is overlooked for how powerful it is.

A look inside the design process

Her messaging is about using the power of Pinterest to grow your business.

As Pinterest is a visual search engine, she's speaking to those who are captivated by design.

She's also aware it's not the normal approach for most people when it comes to marketing which is why we pulled the words 'creative, bold, daring.'

One pointer I was given from Rebekah is that her favourite colour is yellow - I actually know Rebekah, and she is like a little ray of sunshine so that was perfect!

I looked at very contrasting colours to yellow, and came up with a dark colour palette with soft neutrals - Pinterest is predominantly female users.

With yellow against the dark colours, it really pops, and speaks to the rebellious side Rebekah wanted to perceive.

The main font is very eye catching with high contrast weights in the lines.

To take this further with the logo design, I played with the size of each letter, and it's placing.

Which gives the feel of creativity and rebelliousness.

As for the web design, Rebekah wanted this to be striking, and commands attention.

This is done with the use of the larger display font, which calls to the creatives, and the yellow pops of colour mapping out where the customer should be lead to on the page.

Her audience understand that this is the place to be if they want a different way to the norm of marketing and growing their business.

Mate! How did you do all of this? I am so in love with my branding, and website.

The whole process has been a dream so far. I wasn't expecting this much hands on help, or to have gained so much clarity and confidence in my business and my messaging.

Plus everything just looks so beautiful!

Kind words from Rebekah

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